About Us

DataFTS was a company formed about 6 years ago to service the ever growing number of clients who are realizing that big data is an effective tool for growing their customer base and bottom lines.  With email marketing, sms marketing, and call center growing at an fast pace, we saw an opportunity and positioned our company to be right in the middle of the action, providing solutions for clients as fast as they ask for it.

During these 6 years in business, we have been able to develop relationships with a large network of suppliers, have done deals with thousands of clients, and create millions of dollars in new revenue streams for our clients.

On top of that, since we are experts in the online marketing space as well, we have been able to create strategic partnerships with some of our clients and suppliers by using our network and knowledge.  If you are a potential new client and are reading this, you must have seen hundreds of places offering to sell you data.  What you probably don’t know, is that most of these data companies are selling files they find on the internet for free, and they are junk.  We hear the same stories over and over and over again, “I purchased this list from this broker and he promised the world and it was terrible, and then he stopped responding”.  These people, know as “fly by nighters” are taking advantage of you and your inexperience into the data and lead generation space.  We have lasted in this business for well over 6 years because we know the industry inside out, we have the best data and leads for your industry, we have the best pricing and will compete with other suppliers pricing, and most of all, our pre and post sales support is second to none.  Our clients always compliment us on how easy it is to get in touch, and that is one of the main things that separate us from “everyone else” in the space.

Our website is a rich resource to give you an idea of everything that we have available, and we hope that you will become one of our many satisfied clients very soon.  Please use the contact us form to get in touch with any of your needs, we will get back to you within a couple hours (or minutes).